Testimonials for Program / Workshops

The Discovering Me Empowerment Program is absolutely terrific! I feel these are important life skills all children should have. I have seen such a positive difference in my daughter who participated in the program.
What a great opportunity it would be to incorporate this program into all schools. As a teacher, I can see such great benefit if all students would be able to receive this gift and how it would build character and confidence in students. Thank you Hana for inspiring children to be empowered and for magically touching childrens’ lives. You are truly a guardian angel for all children!

Alessandra Di Meo

Grade 5 and 6 Elementary School Teacher, English Montreal School Board

Hana Swieca from Kidz Mpowered came to our school and gave empowerment workshops to help decrease anxiety, help grade 6 transition to high school and worked on communication with the younger grades. Overall the workshops were wonderful! They were well delivered and Hana has a wonderful way of approaching the students and getting them all onboard.
Even after the workshop the students could apply the tools they had learned from the workshops to help them with their anxiety, or communication problems or just helping them to better focus.
Hana is fabulous and I would recommend her to anyone and everyone, both young and old!

France de la Rochelle

Principal, Wilder Penfield Elementary School

I hired  Hana Swieca,  a therapist from the Kidz Mpowered clinic to teach some empowerment sessions for my students including the most “difficult” groups. I witnessed Hana in action and saw how she engaged all the students and I loved her presence and her energy and so did the students.
If you are looking for someone to hire for children who have anxiety, feel bullied or present other challenges, I highly recommend Hana Swieca from Kidz Mpowered in the West Island.

Irene Tsimiklis

Principal/Directrice, Jules Verne Elementary School / Ecole Primaire Jules Verne

I had the pleasure of viewing the Powerful Me Workshop with my grade 5 class. The workshop was wonderful. It was clear and appropriate for the age group involved. The powerful tools given to the children were easy to learn and understand. It gave the children hope and self confidence. It showed them that they are unique, important and capable of doing anything they put their minds to. Students were given strategies to cope with negative experiences and create more positive experiences.  They were taught steps to calm down and not react. Without a doubt, this workshop will have a lasting impact on the children. I whole heartedly recommend this empowerment workshop!

K. Moran

Grade 5 Teacher, Souvenir Elementary School

” Hana I wanted to let you know that we are implementing your tools daily at our school and seeing a positive impact.  Your empowerment programs are amazing for working with children. Thank you!! I want you to know that you and your unique work are great and very important, promoting self awareness and confidence in children and teaching empowerment and mental health skills which the children should have throughout their lives.  The younger they are introduced to empowerment the better.”

Thank you!!

Artemis Erfle

School director- Montessori Pointe Claire

I met Hana years ago when we were looking for someone to give Empowerment Workshops at Montessori Pointe Claire where I am director.  Hana developed a special program for our 3 to 5 year olds that we offer to the parents every year with great success.  Hana is just a glowing and positive individual and the children respond to her as they feel her kindness and caring towards them.  Hana’s workshops are outstanding.  The parents are thrilled that we offer these workshops and have expressed to me that their children learn something positive with each workshop they attend.  I can recommend Hana and her workshops for children (and adults) of all ages.

Hana Swieca and several of the other educators of Kidz Mpowered has been coming to Montessori Pointe Claire to teach empowerment workshops to our 3 to 5 year olds for the past several years. We are absolutely thrilled with the impact that Hana’s special workshops have had on our children. The children pay attention and learn from these workshops. The message to the children about becoming strong and positive individuals is something that I am convinced they will keep with them as they grow up. Hana’s workshops are a valuable addition to our regular program and we are so happy to have these workshops that contribute in such a positive and rewarding way. Our parents love the workshops and are very quick to sign up their children when a new workshop is announced.
Artemis Erfle- Director of Montessori Pointe Claire preschool

Artemis Erfle


It is amazing to see the transformation in my son. His confidence is improving daily with the skills he learned in the Discovering Me Empowerment Program. He has shown personal growth and is once again the loveable, happy child that I know and love. The social environment created by Hana in her program and the skills she helps the kids nurture, within themselves, will help my son be the best he can be and is meant to be! Thanks Hana.

Jocelyn Crowston B.A.A.,B.Ed.,OCT

Parent and Elementary School Teacher

The Discovering Me program without a doubt was the best gift that we have given our 8 year old daughter. She looked forward to attending every week and felt at home in this serene and non-threatening environment. My husband and I are so relieved to see Zoe so happy again and we have seen a great improvement with her behavior both at home and at school.Her confidence level and self esteem have sky-rocketed, she now expresses herself, her marks at school are better, as are her relationships with her friends.
Thank you Hana, for your compassion, sincerity and for the kindness you have shown my daughter – because of you my daughter is no longer a follower but a leader.

Chrys Stamtakos

“It is a pleasure to work with you Hana. Kids and parents that experience your approach and your expertise are extremely satisfied. You do make a difference in their life!”

Karen Elkeslassy

Principal / Directrice , Hebrew Foundation Elementary School

Penelope absolutely loved the Mirrors and their Reflections Empowerment Workshop at Kidz Mpowered this past weekend! She walked out and her first words were “can we do this AGAIN!” And her second comment was it is a good thing that she is doing this for kids, it’s important. She walked out feeling like a million bucks and with a confident stride, as well as tools that made her feel equipped to face relational issues and her developing identity issues. Hana you have a big fan over here or should I say fans! It was lovely meeting you and I can see why parents and children, I have referred, rave about you. You are so genuine with the kids. I highly recommend these workshops, for all our children, not just those struggling with self-esteem, confidence, bullying, or other issues. ALL children need to hear and experience what Hana is teaching!

Dr. Mary Tsonis

Psychologist and Parent

The Discovering Me Empowerment Program is an absolutely fabulous program aimed at helping children find their inner voice. The inviting dynamic delightfully promotes self-esteemencourages assertiveness and facilitates numerous opportunities for kids to explore and appreciate their true selves. My 8 year old daughter loved it!

Charles Dahan

Psychologist and Parent

I highly recommend Hana and her workshops. She is very professional, her approach is amazing! She has helped me a lot. Plus a very good human being. Her workshops are fantastic for kids. I wish I could have had the opportunity to have these workshops when I was a kid.

Sandy Del Castillo

Kidz Mpowered workshops have given my daughters concrete tools to feel great about themselves and deal with anxiety and pressures. They loved the workshops and the welcoming and warm environment and wanted to go back. I highly recommend Hana and Kidz Mpowered, She truly Mpowers the children. 

Alena Seres

Hana is a great listener and has the unique gift of making children feel comfortable with her and getting them to open up to her. Her empowerment workshops really enable children to build their self-confidence and self-acceptance and reinforce positive behaviors. The workshops are fun and creative and my daughter always asks to go back! We have also seen great results from her private practice sessions. Any child would be lucky to work with Hana and her team! 

Helen Lamarie

I highly recommend Kidz Mpowered. Hana is amazing, patient and very flexible. My daughter learned how to deal with her feelings in a positive way. Thank you for everything xoxo

Myrna Ivonne Aguila

I recommend these workshops to anyone who is looking for that extra positive impact in their kids lives. It is proven to be very helpful to my child everyday life. She is getting stronger day by day and taking positive risks. 

Shyma Bhajan

Hana, your passion and dedication to your work far exceeded any expectations I had. My daughter Cristina attended your Discovering Me Empowerment Program and she came out 8 weeks later more mature, confident and self aware. I strongly believe that these workshops should be taught in schools and everyone young and old can benefit. I found in you Hana one more positive and strong woman to Cristina’s circle and I couldn’t be happier. I think that you are amazing at what you do and I thank you for everything!!

Sonia Matos

I strongly recommend the Discovering Me Empowerment Program that Hana created to other people. My daughter benefitted greatly from the sessions. She expresses herself a lot more clearly and is more assertive. I see a big difference in her self esteem. Parents should be ready to listen as after taking this program kids will be ready to express themselves. My daughter has been more vocal and demands to be heard when she feels brushed off and when others talk louder than her. She also says she is less fearful and it shows. Her major fear used to preoccupy her all the time prior to your group sessions, now it is more of an afterthought …. She has come along way. So great job Hana!!! I am proud of the work you do!!

Corinne Amar

I cannot express my gratitude enough to have found someone of your expertise to help our children flourish…Anthea has gained so much confidence and is communicating her feelings more effectivelyThis program has helped her blossom into the beautiful being that she is ! We are so happy and proud of her progress. Programs like yours should be introduced in all schools. Bless you and thank you so much for sharing this beautiful gift with children!!

Catigna Gagnon

I feel very fortunate that we found you right when we both needed the Discovering Me Empowerment Program the most. It has changed my 12 year old son, Mario and it has also changed me for the better. I thank you for that.
The Empowerment program was a big help for him and he really enjoyed going to the sessions. Mario is very happy he learned many empowering tools and is able to now handle things a lot better than before taking this program. He can express himself now and feels better about himself. Your program has been such a great experience for him. I highly recommend it to others. Thank you.

Carolina Velarde

We were looking for a program for our 9 year old son to improve on his self-confidence. The Discovering Me Empowerment Program he attended provided him with strategies to improve on self-worth and gave him the tools to become more assertive while maintaining respect for his peers. Hana and her team were kind, gentle and supportive. I would recommend this program for children that are in need of better communication skills and in need of self-discovery. An investment of lifelong lessons and values.

The Legault Family

I would like to thank you very much for the retreat. Victoria was so excited and talked about all details.
I appreciate that you make difference in her and our lives.

I really loved coming to your Discovering Me Empowerment group and it helped me so much. I first felt like Jonathan in your book and really didn’t like myself and didn’t feel like I was good enough. Your group helped me feel so much better about myself and be more confident. I can now stand up for myself and also talk about how I feel. I’m also not anxious anymore about starting High School next year. I will really miss your group. Thank you so much Hana!!!


12 years old

I really loved the Discovering Me Empowerment program and I think you are so awesome Hana! I used to feel like I wasn’t good enough and your program helped me a lot. I now believe in myself and have made 3 new friends since the program started. I am also taking more risks to make things better. I am so much happier. Thank you Hana!


10 years old

Thank you Hana for helping me find my potential. I really loved coming each time to your Discovering Me group. I learned so much. I use the tools I learned all the time and it helps me out. I feel so much more confident and I now have more friends.


10 years old

My 9 year old daughter took part in two of Hana’s workshops as well as her 8 week Discovering Me Empowerment Program and I truly feel it was a huge benefit and support for her. She learned so many tools that she now expresses her emotions, feels better about herself, is more confident and is doing so much better in school academically and socially. I would absolutely recommend Hana’s workshops and program to all children!! She is absolutely Amazing!!!

Chantal C.

I feel much more confident than I felt before. I really can see the difference. Before I was all shy and I used to hide but now I don’t need to hide when I feel shy and nervous. It was a good learning experience. learned to get rid of my fears and be strong. … It really helped me and had fun crafts along the way. I want more!


8 years old

The Discovering Me Empowerment Program has changed our livesMy daughter found a deep connection to her inner self. Her self love and acceptance has sky rocketedI found myself doing the affirmations at home with her! She has an easier time communicating her feelings and finds her own solutions to issues she encounters. Thank you Hana, you have empowered our family xxx.

Tanya Vording

My 11 years old daughter has always been very anxious and, after a tough school year, she was starting to be negative. We were moving to a different town and I was dreading the effects of this big change on her. The start of the Empowerment Program coincided with the move and, not only did it help her navigate this major change, including making new friends, but she also started to let go of negativity and consciously take more risk that benefited her. My daughter’s psychologist had not seen her in a few months so I scheduled a session with her after the end of the workshop. She saw major improvement with my daughter’s anxiety (it almost completely disappeared) and she noticed that her overall outlook was more positive and relaxed, and that she had tools to deal with her emotions. Furthermore, my daughter loved every session and was so happy to go every week. Thank you for the wonderful work you did with her, it truly helped her.

Elizabeth P.

Hi Hana, I just wanted to let you know that from my opinion I’m glad that you do these workshops. Also I wanted to let you know that I loved your workshop. And also I was wondering if I can come to the next workshop. !!Thank You!!!


7 years old

Thank you Hana for putting together this wonderful Discovering Me Empowerment ProgramYou have really helped my son William become more confident, overcome his anxiety and help him behave more appropriately with others. Your 8 week program has helped him grow and reach his full potential. His school is even noticing a big difference. He has loved each session taken with you.

Nancy V.

Thank you to Hana and her staff for making our experience so amazing! From the moment my son Nathan and I met Hana we instantly knew we were in good hands! Her calm and gentle demeanor made it possible to gain his trust, which is not easy! I will be forever grateful for the support and the knowledge that she’s provided us! The strategies Nathan has learned from the Discovering Me Empowerment Program has prepared him for any challenges he may face! He is more confidentand is able to express his feelings in a more calm and appropriate manner. We look forward to attending more of her workshops in the future!!!

Shelly Neil (mother) and Nathan

11 years old

Thank you Hana for helping me understand my feelings. I feel happier every day. I had so much fun with everyone doing the arts and crafts and I’m going to miss you. I love you very much.


7 years old

The Discovering Me Empowerment Program really, really helped me. It helped me out with bullies and I feel better. The program made a big difference for me. Thank you!

Brendan Legault

9 years old

I can’t say enough good things about the Discovering Me Empowerment Program. My 9 year old twins just finished the course and they really have grown in confidence and in taking positive risks. Hana’s passion and her program are amazing!  Very unique!!! This course is what kids need to empower them so that they can live a life where they are strong enough to trust themselves, follow their intuition and follow their dreams so that they grow into healthy adults.

Thank you Hana for empowering our kids.

Monica Karam

I loved the Discovering Me Empowerment course.  It was so fun and I learned so much! It helped me participate more at school and built my confidence and also helped me take positive risks!

Thank you


9 years old

I was in search of a program that would help my child understand herself, her fears, her emotions and her beauty and I found it with this amazing program… My daughter said you were great. Every time she came home from your class, she was full of energy and highly dynamic…She found that this Empowerment program taught her a lot about herself. The sessions were resourceful and Emily learned a lot from the sessions. Thank you Hana!

Tina Dematos

My daughter, being sensitive by nature, and having experienced bullying at school, developed very strong anxious and defiant behavior. She had low self-esteem and signs of depression. The Discovering Me Empowerment Program helped her immensely. She got to a point where she could express her real emotions in a constructive way. In the program, she discovered the tools to deal with feelings of inadequacy. She also found a safe place to express herself; she realized she was not alone. She is now well on her way and begging to do more workshops!

Maria H.

The The Discovering Me Empowerment Program was a wonderful learning lesson for my daughter. I found a difference in my daughter dealing with her emotions, fears, learning how to solve problems, and to be more confident. With the teaching skills of Hana and her unique approach, she made it fun, and warm with all the colors. My daughter Cheyenne looked forward to each session and never missed a class. I will always remember when she came home so excited with an orange balloon to blow up and release her fears., I thought this was a great idea, and excellent technique for kids. This amazing program was so helpful.

Hilary Chesmer

My daughter has benefitted from Hana’s program in so many ways. Her confidence and self esteem have improved tremendously. The skills learnt in the Discovering Me Empowerment Program have certainly been put to good use. Hana and her team certainly provide a wonderful nurturing program that I would certainly recommend to anyone with children of all ages.

Julie Swift

Our son loved to come to your unique Discovering Me Empowerment Program sessions. He became more confident in himself and with the tools you have provided him he will know better how to handle upcoming situations.
We truly believe that many other kids can benefit from such a program and would highly recommend it!!!

Revital and Eliav Kling

My 9 year child really enjoyed Hana’s Discovering Me Empowerment ProgramHe now has the tools to handle situations and understands how to communicate better. He has learned not to take everything so personally and that negative comments from others should not bring him down but instead to always remember how great he is and what great qualities he has. I feel like he has gained a sense of inner confidence.
Hana is so caring and nurturing and I would recommend her program to many.


At long last, a tool to help our children discover and renew contact with their inner potential so they can realize they are the sole creator of their destiny. Thank you Hana for your wonderful Discovering Me Empowerment Program which has greatly helped my daughter increase her self esteem and express herself better.

Louise Laplante

Naturopath, Yoga teacher and mother of a wonderful teenager

My 11 year old daughter has truly enjoyed your Discovering Me Empowerment Program for kids. I have noticed that her confidence and ability to express herself have grown tremendously. In particular in a social gathering she is a lot more talkative, involved and asks people questions. She has even expressed that after Christmas if there is another group, she’d like to go. Thank you so much to you and your interns!

Karen S.

I learned a lot from the Discovering Me Empowerment Program and really enjoyed it. I now know that nothing can defeat me. I am powerful, I am fearless and love myself the way that I am. I will use the many tools I learned throughout my high school years.

Thank you Hana.


12 years old

I really liked the Discovering Me Empowerment Program. It was fun and creative. I learned a lot about myself and how to be the best that I can be.


12 years old

Hana is amazing at what she does. My daughter loved one of the meditation workshops for kids and it really helped her in many ways! I highly recommend Kidz Mpowered services!!

Marcia Correia

Thank you for all that you and your Team do. Because we were lucky to be introduced to you Tegan is now starting to climb the Big Tree called “Life”. Attending your workshops means that Teagan is able to express herself freely, it’s all just GREAT!! Thank you!!!

Claire Atkin

What a wonderful experience for my girls (ages 7 and 8 years) the Mirrors and Their Reflections Empowerment workshopwas! They came back full of positivity and excitement — not to mention pride over their beautiful craft! They are so excited to attend another workshop with Hana — and I am so excited for them to learn some more lessons on building a strong foundation for their inner selves! Thank you so much!

Jennifer Martin

My 2 daughters have taken the Treasure Quest Workshop with Hana and really enjoyed it so much. They came home so excited with great learnings and looking so much more confident. They practice what they have learned every day.
Hana is very creative in how she empowers children and I highly recommend her and her empowerment groups to others. Thank you!

Gali Szyk

The Discovering Me Power Girls Program has provided our family with a wonderful ray of light. My daughter, Emily was taught powerful affirmations and  creative tools to deal with daily interactions, challenges, how to process and analyze them. How to keep what is positive and fulfilling and to let go of what is negative and draining. Our daughter has flourished in the past months and we are elated to see her at her highest potential. Hana has developed a simple to follow, fun, and vivacious Discovering Me Program. I strongly recommend it to anyone I meet.

Natalia Bielecki

Both of my girls love your workshops and benefit greatly from them!

Thank you so much!

Alena Serasova

Hana’s workshops gave me confidence in a practice environment. It was  just perfect for me. It helped with my confidence. It was nice and we had so much fun.

Nella - 9 years old & Adelka - 7 years old

As parents, we want our children to be happy and successful and I have found this experience with the Discovering Me Empowerment Program  has helped Selina in naming her feelings and learning new ways of expressing her desires and misgivings – something I wish I had had earlier on in life.

I believe that what Selina learned most was how to recognize and honestly acknowledge her feelings especially fears and self-doubt, all while in a group of girls facing similar growing pains. I would say finding support and acceptance in this group was essential in her journey to self discovery. In her words, she says she felt “inspired” and learned to believe in herself.

Cecilia Ugarte


Thank you Hana for helping me be more happy and more confident. I feel more calm and now I can get rid of my fears. I also made 2 new friends. I love your group.

Sivan-9 years old