Testimonials for Hana’s Books

The book Jonathan’s Magical Discoveries fascinated me along with its companion workbook Discovering Me. These powerful books would be an enormous help to children, as well as adults, who want to feel good about themselves and to realize their full potential. Hana Swieca has greatly succeeded in creating powerful and simple tools to help guide us in keeping our inner strength going strong and in stretching our wings to reach our full potential.

These unique books are a sure way to fight powerlessness, insecurity, and lack of self-esteem.

Christine L’Heureux

Publisher, co-author and creator of the Caillou character , Chouette Publishing

The story bookJonathan’s Magical Discoveries and its companion workbook/activity book, Discovering Me, written by Hana Swieca are unique and creative children’s books for all ages. They are highly recommended as excellent resources for building self-confidence and self-esteem in children.

Lisa Paparo

Scholastic Corporation, New York City

 The Discovering Me Coloring & Activity book is just awesome!! Very empowering & positive  We love it!  My 8  year old enjoys coloring in it before and after school. The positive affirmations help her start her day confidently and end them on a positive and calming note. Even adults can appreciate the beautiful images and empowering activities  & exercises and be empowered through this book!

Lara Slikhanian 

Hana’s books, Jonathan’s Magical Discoveries and its companion Discovering Me offer parents and professionals practical and easy-to-implement strategies for all children. The affirmations and guided imagery included are an excellent platform for empowering children to feel good about themselves and problem-solve their world with confidence. I highly recommend Jonathan’s Magical Discoveries and its companion book, Discovering Me, for any professional’s toolbox.

Melanie Gotlieb

M.A., M.Ed., Child Psychologist

The story bookJonathan’s Magical Discoveries and its companion workbook/activity book, Discovering Me, written by Hana Swieca are unique and creative children’s books for all ages. They are highly recommended as excellent resources for building self-confidence and self-esteem in children.

Sandra Salesas

School Guidance Counsellor, English Montreal School Board

The story bookJonathan’s Magical Discoveries provides an enriching experience for children to learn about their strengths, challenges.

Jonathan’s Magical Discoveries is truly an amazing book. I highly encourage all children, teenagers and adults to read it. This book, along with its companion book Discovering Me provides simple yet powerful and creative tools that help empower people to make positive changes in their lives. Learning how to deal with fears, build self-esteem, and how to love yourself and others are just some of the topics covered in this wonderful book. Thank you Hana, and congratulations on your huge success!

Sabrina Allarie

Special Care Counselor

Jonathan’s Magical Discoveries and its companion Discovering Me can be valuable tools in working with children. They can be used by parents and therapists alike to help children to gain confidence and feel empowered to make positive changes in their lives. Jonathan’s Magical Discoveries is a beautiful story with a wonderful message for children of all ages. It is written with language which is easily understood by children, with imagery which is highly appealing to them. The story creatively helps children learn more about themselves, identify their feelings, know that they are not alone in experiencing these feelings, and learn to accept themselves as they are. Its companion workbook, Discovering Me contains interesting and creative exercises to guide children in examining their feelings and learn to express and work through them.

Lisa Bédard

M.Ed. Child Psychologist, Mother of 2

I often see it on a bustling school playground – a lonely child, left out and not quite sure how to fit in. These children are usually unhappy and have a hard time overcoming a sense of hopelessness. Jonathan’s Magical Discoveries  is just what these children need. This beautifully written and illustrated book along with its companion workbook, Discovering Me are a creative and imaginative way for children and adults alike to learn how to overcome obstacles, set goals and increase self esteem. What a magical and empowering journey of self discovery!

Sharon Kuriya

Lester B. Pearson School Board support staff and parent

 The Discovering Me Coloring & Activity book is a Fantastic, Empowering & Beautiful book!

This amazing activity book for boys & girls helps them live their best lives ❤️💖 through beautiful drawings and games. I highly recommend this book. The pictures are perfect and the kids will discover things about themselves they may have not been able to put into words otherwise.

-Natalia Bielecki

 The Discovering Me Coloring & Activity book is so much more than a coloring book!

The sayings have become my granddaughter’s or should I say my Siberian tiger’s mantras. We have watched her blossom as her confidence grows. After loosing herself in her coloring she is calmer and more peaceful. She gets to start each day recharged, happy and feeling good about herself. Thank you Hana

-Marc & Caprice Lamothe

I highly recommend Jonathan’s Magical Discovery and its companion, Discovering Me to both children and adults. The storybook is inspirational and truly touches the journey children take. The companion book Discovering Me is amazing. As a mother and as a therapist, these books are great tools for home and at the office. They enable us to have the right understanding and tools to empower our children to live their lives to the fullest. I hope there will be a sequel to this amazing storybook / workbook. Bravo to Hana Swieca, the author, for 2 excellent books!

Christina Liburdi

Psychospiritual Therapist

 The Discovering Me Coloring & Activity book has important self esteem building activities.  Both my daughters (7 and 10) love this book! They colour and talk about themselevs at night together. They feel validated and relax though the activities. It’s important for them to have this arena.

Vanitha Pillay

Jonathan’s Magical Discovery is a beautifully written book with empowering messages for children.

Dr. Mary Tsonis


Your wonderful and empowering books Jonathan’s Magical Discovery and its companion workbook Discovering Me are the best gifts anyone can give to a child!!

Catigna Gagnon

These beautiful books are AMAZING…. I just love them. They are truly for all ages and great for adults too. I was able to use many of the very creative and powerful ideas from the workbook Discovering Me and apply them to my own daily life. I found them so very helpful. Thank you so much!!

Babara Lauzon

What a fun, well written and beautifully illustrated story, that touched me in many ways. It is a true gift for all ages, and gets better and better the more often you read it. This book, which is like a personal adventure promotes a lot of wonderful sharing and discussions. The book Jonathan’s Magical Discovery is a rich pandora’s box of teachings and was a food buffet for my soulEmbracing our uniqueness and encouraging us to sparkle to our full potential. How much better does it get! This book can only enrich all who read it, and awaits those yet to open its pages. Congratulations Hana! Keep shining all your colors for what you have to share is a true gift to us all.:) Thank You!

Colette Gareau Farrell

At last, a book that talks to the spiritual side of children in a language they can understand. A very powerful, experiential approach that allows creative self expression amongst children and the inner child within all of us. Doing the practical exercises from the workbook with my 11 year old son encouraged our inner wisdom to blossom. These books are visually effective and extremely empowering. They are a welcome guide for my young clients.

Sharon Cohen

Your two books Jonathan’s Magical Discovery and the activity book, Discovering Me are truly magical and empowering. They speak to the soul of all children and help them to tap into their true essence – the beautiful, magnificent beings that they are. My inner child celebrates with your inner child for these wonder-filled books that you have shared.

Karen Mosuk

Jonathan’s Magical Discovery is truly inspirational. Hana has a magical way of mesmerizing us in this beautiful journey. This book is more than just a story but a powerful tool to help and empower us to a higher level. Its companion, Discovering Me is so creative as children learn to take the ideas of the story and empower themselves in their own lives, through so many creative ways.

Valerie Benchimol

Finally, a remarkable and inspirational book for children! I wish I had such a book when I was a child. It’s hard being a kid, and Jonathan’s Magical Discovery, with its companion workbook Discovering Me will help children and even many adults learn creative tools to empower their spirit and connect with their core truth. The luminous and brightly coloured illustrations are delicious. Magnificent!

Hellen Edelstein


I love the book Jonathan’s Magical Discovery.  To this day since 2009, I still read it to my kids. It’s powerful and vibrantly positive.

Sheila Botton