Empowerment Workshops

Created by Hana Swieca

 *Workshops can be offered individually as well to cater to the child’s needs.  

These creative and  interactive  workshops for children enhance their emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being. It is never too early to teach children to be all that they can be so they can grow up to to be well adjusted adults. If children can learn how powerful they are in creating many of their life situations, they would be more confident in making positive changes in order to reach their potential.  As they learn how to be their best and feel their best, they will be able to give their best!

At Kidz Mpowered, we are dedicated to empower your kids to overcome personal challenges and to reach their potential as they go on a journey of self discovery.

For more information on any of our programs or workshops, please contact: info@kidzmpowered.com

Powerful Me In School Workshop 

  taught at some Lester B. Pearson& Sir Wilfred Laurier schools  

This innovative workshop for ages 6-12 is designed to help students with the following:

see how powerful they are in creating many of their life situations • align to their potential • learn how to be in control of how they act & react • raise self esteem & confidence • learn about the power & importance of words/ self talk • connect to their emotions • be more mindful & grounded •  learn to take responsibility for their choices and actions leading to certain consequences • set and reach goals

* 75 minutes – duration can be adjusted .

*includes a unique therapeutic craft incorporating all tools learned in class that the students can take home or keep in school as a reminder of what they learned.  

* If you would like to offer this empowerment workshop at your school as well,  please contact : info@kidzmpowered.com  



Power Girls Mini Retreat- Mind. Body & Soul ( ages 6-12)

Could your daughter benefit from being more empowered to help her learn how to reach her potential?

In this Empowering & Fun  mini retreat, your daughter will lean how to create positive changes 
 in her life to help her become the best version of herself. She will gain tools to do so through the power of self talk, self love, mindfulness, expressive movement, therapeutic crafts and more!

Duration 3 hours (1-4 pm)
Healthy & Organic snacks included! 

* Partial insurance receipt available


Regular Price – $70 

CLICK HERE to download the registration form.  Please fill it out and return it by e-mail to info@kidzmpowered.com

Love Me  Power Girls Workshop –   

 Would your daughter benefit from being more EMPOWERED while raising her self-esteem & self-worth? In this FUN + EMPOWERING workshop, just in time for Valentines Day,  girls will learn about the power and importance of self-love. Through discussion, activities, & therapeutic crafts, participants will discover how to love themselves and be their own best friend in order to create more joy in their life. 

Price: $40  includes therapeutic craft


CLICK HERE to download the registration form. Please fill it out and return it by email to info@kidzmpowered.com

treasurequest Treasure Quest Empowerment Workshop

In this empowering and fun workshop that will help increase self esteem and confidence, children will learn the importance and power  of their spoken words. They will discover how their self talk can have an impact on their emotions, behavior  and overall daily experiences. Participants will explore their inner treasures and make a unique craft as a reminder of how they can create more positivity in their life.

1½ hour session

Price: $ 35 includes craft

ages 6-12

mirrors2014 Mirrors & Their Reflections

  Empowerment Workshop


  Children will raise their self esteem and confidence in this powerful and fun workshop. They will discover how their outer experiences reflect their inner experiences. They will  explore their thoughts and beliefs about  themselves  and learn  how these  affect  their daily life.  They will create a unique craft to take home as a reminder of how powerful they truly are in creating many of their life situations.

1 ½ hour session

Price: $35 including craft

  ages 6-12

My Unique Puzzle Empowerment Workshop


In this workshop, children  will learn how to piece together the vision they see for themselves and align to their goals and dreams. A unique craft is created as a reminder of their desired ideal life.

1½ hour session

Price: $ 35  including craft

ages 6-12

theaterworkshop Theater
Empowerment Workshop


Children learn how life is like a movie .  Through therapeutic role playing and skits, they look within and discover the different parts of themselves while developing confidence, building social skills, and increasing self-expression.  A unique craft is created as a reminder of how powerful they are in creating the life they want.

1½ hour session

Price: $35  including craft

ages 6-12

Power Girls  (ages 12- 15)

 My Edition Power Girls Workshop 

In this inspirational workshop, girls  will have the opportunity to be inspired and learn how to align to their potential. They will create a powerful work of art depicting their goals and aspirations. This work of art will help girls visualize what is most important to them as well as motivate them to work towards achieving their goals

1½ hour session

Price: $35   includes craft

(ages  6-12)

Social Butterfly

Empowerment Workshops  

3 session Social Skills Workshops       

Children learn how to develop social skills, build and maintain friendships, overcome their fears and increase their self-esteem.

 Also through role-playing, arts and crafts, and teamwork, children learn how to transform into their best version.

Price:  $105  for 3 sessions – includes all materials for therapeutic crafts

partial insurance receipt available upon request 

    ( ages 6-12)