Empowerment Workshops

Created by Hana Swieca

Led by Veronica Scotto, Educational Consultant

 *Workshops can be offered individually as well to cater to the child’s needs.  

These creative and  interactive  workshops for children enhance their emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being. It is never too early to teach children to be all that they can be so they can grow up to to be well adjusted adults. If children can learn how powerful they are in creating many of their life situations, they would be more confident in making positive changes in order to reach their potential.  As they learn how to be their best and feel their best, they will be able to give their best!

At Kidz Mpowered, we are dedicated to empower your kids to overcome personal challenges and to reach their potential as they go on a journey of self discovery.

Each empowerment workshops includes a unique therapeutic craft incorporating all tools learned that the child can take home acting as a reminder of what they learned.

For more information on any of our programs or workshops, please contact: info@kidzmpowered.com

Power Girls Mini Retreat- Mind. Body & Soul

Could your daughter benefit from being more empowered to help her learn how to reach her potential?

In this Empowering & Fun mini-retreat, your daughter will learn how to create positive changes.
Help her become the best version of herself. She will gain the tools to do so through the power of self-talk, self-love, mindfulness, expressive movement, therapeutic crafts, and more!

Price – $100

Duration 3 hours 

Healthy & Organic snacks included! 

* insurance receipt available

Empowerment Workshops for ages 4-5

Price: $40 each workshop

Duration: 1 hour each workshop

Therapeutic craft included in each workshop.

Mindful Me Empowerment Workshop

Saturday January 28  @11am- 12pm

This empowering workshop promotes mindfulness & awareness.  Children learn how to let go and quiet their busy mind. They learn how to connect to themselves and be more aware of their  thoughts, sensations & emotions  as they appear.  Children learn how to be in control of how they act and react as well as how to better focus and be less reactive & impulsive.


Power Garden
Empowerment Workshop 

Saturday Feb. 4  @11am- 12pm

In this empowering & fun workshop that will help increase self esteem and confidence, children will learn the importance and power of their spoken words. They will discover how their self talk can have an impact on their emotions, behavior and overall daily experiences.


Emotional Explosion Empowerment Workshop

Is your child experiencing emotional outbursts/ meltdowns? Does your child have difficulty managing their emotions? In this workshop, children will learn how to better manage and get in touch with their emotions to be more calm.


Rainbow Red Empowerment Workshop

Is your child too much in their thoughts and not focusing well? Is s/he feeling intimidated or pushed around? Does your child feel unsafe or that they don’t belong?  In this empowering workshop, children learn how to feel safe, be more grounded, stand up for themselves and be more focused. They also learn how to not let others negatively affect them.


Rainbow Orange
 Empowerment Workshop

Saturday Feb 11  @11am- 12pm

Does your child have fears or is often angry which is negatively affecting their life?

In this empowering workshop, children will learn how to connect with their fears & anger and learn how to manage them so they can feel more calm and free.


Rainbow Yellow Empowerment Workshop

Saturday Feb 18 @11am- 12pm

Does your child feel not good enough?  lack confidence? In this empowering workshop that will help build positive self image, children will learn how to feel more confident,  powerful  & good enough as well as take more positive risks.


Rainbow Green Empowerment Workshop

Does your child not like him or herself?  Is he or she not happy?  In this workshop children will learn about the power of self love and gratitude.


Rainbow Light Blue Empowerment Workshop

Saturday Feb. 25 @11am -12pm

Does your child have a hard time with self expression and keeps their feelings inside? Can your child benefit from improving their communication skills?   In this workshop, children will learn about communication, how to express their thoughts and feelings easily, be more assertive and learn how to feel heard.


My Special Safe Place Empowerment Workshop

Is your child Anxious, Stressed or Insecure? Does s/he have fears or is often angry? In this empowering and fun workshop, children learn how to connect to their emotions, let go and create their imaginary safe place that they can go to when they feel the need.