Empowerment Program

Created & Led by Hana Swieca

*These programs /workshops can be offered individually as well to cater to the child’s needs.  

These creative interactive programs and workshops for children enhance their emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being. It is never too early to teach children to be all that they can be so they can grow up to be well adjusted adults.  As children learn how powerful they really are , they will be more confident to make positive changes in their life as well as create more positive life experiences while reaching for their potential. Children will be able to be, feel and give their best!

At Kidz Mpowered, we are dedicated to empower your children to overcome personal challenges and to reach their potential as they go on a journey of self discovery. Give children the gift of Empowerment and watch the positive effects ripple throughout all aspects of their lives!

For more information on any of our programs or workshops, please contact:   info@kidzmpowered.com

The Discovering Me Series

Based on the children’s book Jonathan’s Magical Discoveries, and its companion workbook/activity book Discovering Me written by Hana Swieca.

This innovative program teaches children how to empower themselves to reach their potential while overcoming personal daily challenges. Participants learn many creative tools by looking within, while going on their own magical journey of self-discovery and taking action to reach their goals and dreams.

Children learn how to:

  • Raise their self-esteem & confidence
  • Deal with fears & let go of anger
  • Stand up for themselves
  • Feel safe
  • Feel more grounded
  • Understand the power of their thoughts
  • Identify their feelings
  • Communicate effectively
  • Be more assertive
  • Develop awareness of their intuition  to make proper choices & decisions
  • Reach for goals & dreams

Teaching tools used include:

  • Reflective questions
  • Group discusssions
  • Cognitive repatterning
  • Guided imagery
  • Affirmations
  • Role playing
  • Creative activities
  • Therapeutic games
  • Therapeutic art

Discovering Me- boys & girls: (ages 6-12)

Sundays January 26- March 29, 2020  * (No session March 1 & 8)    4: 00- 5: 30 pm  

The program as described above is offered for boys and girls.

8 weeks   12 hours

*Certificate at end of program.(Partial insurance receipt & payment plan available upon request)

*Jonathan’s Magical Discoveries book and its companion workbook/activity book Discovering Me and all materials included. 

Price: $325

pinkbutterfly-flipped Discovering Me -Power Girls (ages 6-12)  

The program  described above is also offered for girls only .

8 weeks   12 hours *Certificate at end of program.

(partial insurance receipt & payment plan available upon request)

*Jonathan’s Magical Discoveries book and its companion workbook/activity book Discovering Me and all materials included.

Price: $325

Best Me – Power Girls (ages 12-15)       

 The program described above is also offered with a special emphasis on issues girls face today.

6 weeks – 9.5 hours

*Certificate at end of program and unique craft & empowerment bracelet

Price:  $245  

(insurance receipt & payment plan available upon request) -includes all materials for  unique craft  & bracelet.

Discovering Me Follow Up       (ages 6-12)

Calling All Graduates of the Discovering Me Empowerment Program!!! 

In this 2 hour group session, we will review and explore the tools learned and  continue to empower children to integrate these tools into their life. Participants will have an opportunity to create a unique tool box containing reminders of all the tools learned throughout the program.

$40  including craft   

Rainbow & Pot of Gold Empowerment Workshops

 (ages 6-12)

Jonathan_Magicai_DiscoveriesDiscovering_MeIndividual / À la Carte workshops from the Discovering Me 8 week Empowerment Program created by Hana Swieca and based on her books Jonathan’s Magical Discoveries and its companion workbook/activity book Discovering Me.

*Workshops below vary from 1 ½ hours- 2 hours each. *Choose 1 or all 8. *Register for all 8 and receive the set of books for free and an Empowerment certificate.

Price: $35 each including materials

 redRainbow Red 

Is your child feeling intimidated or pushed around? Does your child feel unsafe or that they don’t belong? In this workshop, children will learn how to feel strong, safe and that they belong.

ages 6-12

orange Rainbow Orange 

Is your child feeling afraid which is negatively affecting their life? In this workshop, children will learn how to deal with their fears, be in control and feel free.

ages 6-12

yellow Rainbow Yellow

Does your child feel not good enough? powerless?  lack confidence? In this workshop, children will learn how to feel confident and powerful.

ages 6-12

green Rainbow Green

Does your child not like him or herself?  Is he or she not happy?  In this workshop children will learn about self love and gratitude.

ages 6-12

light-blue Rainbow Light Blue

Does your child have a hard time with self expression and keep their feelings inside? In this workshop, children will learn how to express their thoughts and feelings easily, be more assertive and learn how to feel heard.

ages 6-12

dark-blue Rainbow Dark Blue

Does your child feel confused at times and not know how to trust their inner self? In this workshop your children will learn how to listen and tap into their intuition and learn how to trust themselves.

ages 6-12

purple Rainbow Purple

Does your child feel disconnected?

In this workshop, children will learn how unique they are and how connected they are to everything around them.

ages 6-12

POG-follow-up-pic Pot of Gold

Would you like your child to learn how to create positive changes and reach for their goals and dreams? In this workshop, children will learn how to create desired outcomes in their lives and reach for their potential.

ages 6-12