Discovering Me

Coloring & Activity Book- Positive Affirmations & Empowering Activities 


This inspirational and fun coloring &activity book is intended to empower and help children help themselves be their best self as they go on a journey of self-discovery. Through positive affirmations and empowering activities, children are encouraged to develop a positive growth mindset, raise their self-esteem and self-awareness, connect to their emotions, and be more calm. They are given the opportunity to see themselves as powerful, take action to make positive changes, shape their life experiences, as well as contribute to their success and happiness. Children will gain the confidence to pursue goals and work at attaining them while discovering that there is no limit to what they can accomplish.

Many concepts of this coloring/ activity book are based on Hana Swieca’s book, Jonathan’s Magical Discoveries, and its companion activity book, Discovering Me.

For children of all ages and the child within each of us.    $ 14. 95 CDN  + tax                                                                                    

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jonathan_magicai_discoveriesJonathan’s Magical Discoveries

Hardcover , 40 pages, ages 6 to adult

Jonathan is a young boy who feels he’s not good enough as he is. One day, while playing alone in his backyard, a magnificent cardinal reveals to Jonathan a hidden path and leads him to embark on an adventurous journey. Along the way, he stops by a still pond where he throws pebbles into the water and is intrigued by the magical ripples they make. Following the bird, Jonathan comes to a crystal cave where a unique and wise lion teaches him about colorful rainbow tools and the power of pebbles tossed in a pond. Jonathan’s experience with the lion leads him to a powerful discovery which changes his outlook about himself and about life.


How this book can help:

Jonathan’s Magical Discoveries, a children’s story for all ages, is an enchanting journey of self discovery, which increases self-esteem, touches on many personal challenges children go through daily and empowers us to take action to reach our goals and dreams.

For children of all ages and the child within each of us.    $ 22. 95 CDN + tax

Discovering Me

Soft cover, 40 pages, ages 6-adult

This companion to the children’s book, Jonathan’s Magical Discoveries, is a creative-learning activity book, designed for children to integrate the ideas from the story, into their own lives, as they set out on a playful journey of self discovery. This book includes questions, guided imagery exercises, affirmations, creative activities, and a game. This book encourages children to help themselves and learn their part in making positive changes while empowering them to reach their goals and dreams.

How this book can help:

Children learn how to overcome fears, raise their self esteem and confidence level, identify their feelings, learn how to express themselves, stand up for themselves, look at their thoughts, tap into their intuition and more.

 For children of all ages and the child within each of us.    $ 17. 95 CDN + tax


Kidz Mpowered also offers an 8 week group program called Discovering Me for ages 5-6 and 7-12, which is based on these books and is designed to empower children to overcome many personal challenges and teach them how to reach for goals and dreams.

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